Military Rifle Competition

A few times a year you can bring out your Enfield, Mauser, Springfield, etc (must be ex mil rifle) and enjoy a great day with like minded people.

We need to record your SSAA or HDHC member number along with your licence number if you are not a member of a NSWRA rifle club.

The next scheduled 303 shoots are listed in the PROGRAM


For photos of previous 303 days click on the following link:

You can shoot it prone off the shoulder with a sling and iron/peep sights, or prone off a rest with a telescope (F Class).

The format consists of

  • 9am start,
  • $25 entry fee,
  • 2 stages of 12 shots each,
  • competitor marking,
  • medals for first 3 places in target rifle and F class

All club members and visitors are most welcome to come along and test out your rifle/ammo etc .

  • Safety. We can check headspace/ammo ect free of charge.
  • Swap/sell/advice etc.


1/. The competition is conducted under Standard Shooting Rules (SSR’s) for Australian Rifle Clubs (ie National Rifle Association of Australia).

2/. An empty chamber indicator must be inserted into the rifle chamber as per the SSR’s.

3/. Firearms licence must be presented when entering.

4/. Rifle must be an ex service rifle in the original military calibre.

5/. Two classes are available for competition:

Target Rifle Class – Blade foresight with sling support in the prone position. Rifle must have military profile barrel. Aperture sights (eg Central etc) allowed.

Field Class – Telescopic sight with rest/bipod support in the prone position or shooting table. Barrels must be military profile.

Get get your pop’s 303/military rifle out of the cupboard and come and have a fun day!