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Various Shooting Guides and Resources (PDF Documents)

Aperture ACTFBTR Manual for Target Marking Services 2012-13

Guide to Better Scores


ICFRA Marking Scoring



MisplacedShots LandsGauge

More on the subject of getting the rifle to fit the shooter

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Various Shooting Guides and Resources (Word Documents)

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Causes and cures for shots around a V-bull or X-ring group, 2019-04-13

Balancing the weight of rifle and arm upon a single elbow, 2018-09-08

At Bisley selecting the better position on the mound before your partner arrives,2019-06-29

Adjusting a rear- or scope-sight when a shoot contains tremor and unaffected shots, 2019-02-23

An Australian physician – I can’t see myself shoot, 2019-06-15

ACTFBTR Manual for Target Marking Services 2012-13 conv

A sling and management of recoil to group within the V-bull, 2019-09-07

A shooter finds that heshe can group within the 0.5 MOA X-ring or 1.0 MOA V-bull, 2019-11-30

A new shooter starts by mastering techniques and grouping 1 MOA, 2019-10-05

A lesson for a shooter who immediately scored 50.10, 2019-08-24

A group should result from a rifle balanced on a single elbow without muscular tension, 2018-09-15

A group at 1000x is tightened by allowing muscles of the supporting arm to go limp, 2019-11-09

A common confusion of groups - tremor shots and 9 to 3 o'clock shots, 2019-05-25

A common confusion of groups – origins and remedies for vertical sub-groups, 2019-06-01

A 1.0 MOA TR group which did not centralize in response to rear-sight adjustments, 2019-08-10

A 1.0 MOA TR group which did not centralize in response to rear-sight adjustments,2019-08-10 - Copy

1000yds conv

1000yds 900m conv

Converting a 2 MOA bullseye group into a V-bull or X-ring group , 2020-02-01

Control of shots outside the V-bull or 6-ring, with many at 9 and 3 o'clock, 2019-09-21

Control of rifle movements that widen groups beyond the V-bull and 6-ring, 2019-09-14

Contrast in shooters’ interests and characteristic groups of club members, 2019-02-16

Compacting a wide group into a single, solid group exactly in the centre, 2018-10-27

Coaching a shooter whose shots are at 9 o’clock or surround the bullseye ring,2019-09-28

Clubs need to re-teach trigger-release to overcome tremor shots, 2019-02-09

Change of the natural point of aim due to the nervous system, 2018-11-10

Avoiding movement of the muzzle at shot release , 2019-12-07

Keeping tremor shots from escaping across the 6-ring and bullseye, 2019-03-23

Intending to shoot a V-bull or X-ring group , 2020-02-08

Group changes due to bodily contacts and the absorption of recoil, 2018-09-22

Good scores () from all body positions high, low, straight on, bent leg, straight leg, 2019-08-17

Follow-through- keeping the mind focused right to the end of the trigger release, 2019-05-11

Findings from the Canberra Queen’s, 2019 , 2019-11-23

Fierce young women in sport according to journalist commentators, 2019-06-22

Diagnoses and remedies for shooters with technique difficulties, 2018-10-13

Developing a desirable attitude; a shooter competing only with him- or herself, 2019-06-08

People who master techniques of rifle shooting, 2018-09-01

Plasticity of the nervous system can enable a new shooter to become self-motivated,2019-07-20

Overcoming the build-up of adrenaline and a body tremor upon shot release , 2019-12-14

Mental outlook as a rifle shooter progresses toward becoming a leading shooter,2019-01-18

Mentally enhanced shooting at 1000 yards, 2019-07-13


Marking with discs

Managing the adrenaline response to shoot a 1 MOA instead of a 2 MOA group, 2019-10-12

Inspiring self-motivation in order to shoot with great skill, 2019-07-27

Shooting a V-bull (TR) or X-ring (F Class) group a new life for shooters, 2019-12-21

Self-esteem and sense of self-direction needed by rifle shooters, 2018-10-20

Shooters have different perceptions of their techniques, 2019-04-06

Scoring a smallbore 8 on a fullbore target and grateful for it, 2019-05-04

Releasing a shot from a dead still rifle to produce the smallest group, 2018-11-24

Relative errors of techniques and practices in rifle shooting, 2019-03-16

Reducing the sizes of groups, 2.0 MOA to 1.0 (TR) and 1.5 MOA to 0.5 (F Class), 2019-08-03

Plot sheets

Plotting a group from behind the shooter in order to observe changes in technique ,2020-01-18

The shooter who pinches the trigger between thumb and trigger-guard, 2019-01-12

Thinking changes upon mastery of shooting techniques, 2019-04-27

The origins of rifle shooting in physiology, 2018-11-17

The priority technique, avoiding tremors yet releasing each shot within 3 seconds,2018-11-03

The right-handed shooter who bends the right leg, 2019-01-04

The origins of rifle shooting in optics, 2018-12-29

The origins of rifle shooting in physics, 2018-12-22

The origins of rifle shooting in mental control, 2018-11-31

The most important technique to be taught to fullbore rifle shooters, 2019-04-20

The origins of rifle shooting in genetics and epigenetics, 2018-12-15

Techniques for intentionally shooting Xs, 2018-12-08

The double-point sling with the Bisley twist, 2018-10-06

The last technique difficulties that hinder shooting 10 V-bulls or Xs , 2020-01-25

Teaching shooters and education students, 2019-01-26

Team shooting techniques shared between the shooter and coach, 2018-09-29

Teaching a shooter to first group within the V-bull or X-ring, then support the rifledead still , 2019-11-02

Teaching a new shooter to release the trigger without movement of the muzzle, 2019-05-18

Starting a new shooter on the correct techniques, scoring a possible in 13 months ,2020-02-15

Speculation and experimental evidence in rifle shooting, 2019-10-19

Small marking

Some shooters refuse to shoot in a teams’ match, 2019-07-06

Small marking with discs

Sight adjustment to move a group, 2019-10-26

Sight adjustment to move a group, II , 2020-01-04

Sight adjustment to centralise the group of a medium-level shooter , 2020-01-11

Shooting in convection wind conditions, 2019-08-31

Uniformity of release of a string of shots and the groups that result, 2019-03-30


Map of Australian Range Locations

CSV file of range locations suitable for upload to Garmin GPS - Point of Interest (POI)

* Note that the coordinates in this file are based on the centre of the range, and not necessarily the location of the road into the range.


Scoring/Marking guide for non-electronic targets

One of our members reloading bullets