We are now able to arrange embroidered Club badges with the owners first name underneath. Similar to those polo shirts previously supplied (see example photo below of one of our handsome devils wearing the club shirt).

The are 2 options - You can provide your own black and gold polo which will be embroidered or you can buy a polo from our supplier in black and gold.

Cost will be $10.00 for an embroidered polo or T-Shirt and $40.00 for a supplied, embroidered polo shirt.

For those wishing to purchase a Polo shirt Sizing is simple, for a change…….

Sizing is done on half chest measurement. That is, lay out your favourite polo shirt and measure from the bottom of the  left front arm hole seam to right front armhole seam and you have a half chest measurement.

Sizes are ;

S 52cm
M 55cm
L 58cm
XL 62cm
XXL 65cm
XXXL 71cm

and for those specials…



there is nothing between 3 X and 5 X.

The Club will also embroider colour reverse Polos or T-Shirts, that is yellow with black piping, tabs and black embroidered badge and name.

Further enquiries will be made from our supplier regarding jackets, Long sleeve polo shirts, caps and anything else anyone can think of.

Please write down your order and pass to Treasurer, with money. Also, if you are supplying the polo/T-Shirt, most important, safety pin a piece of something to the article with your name on it! Put both in a bag!

If ordering a supplied shirt name and size is still needed!